Thursday, May 7, 2009

I like strong colors

A friend whom i haven't seen in years (but we kept in touch) sent an order of cupcakes to give away as a thank you token to her friends. With little information as "i like strong colors" in terms of how should i design these cupcakes of hers. So after determining the "strong colors" and since these cuppies were meant as gifts, flowers were the obvious choice of designs. I love calla lilies and thought maybe I'd impress my friend with my little technique-know-how and give a variety of flower designs for her order. And I came up with these.

Added the purple the ribbon to spruce it up. Turned out pretty nice, i thought.

Finally got to use the leaf cutters i bought months ago. Simple but I was running out of ideas.

Love making ribbon roses. Easy peasy.

This took a while to come up with since i only know how to make a limited designs of flowers.

Made use of the access blue marble fondant and use it as the background color for this one.