Friday, January 1, 2010

Chocolate Modelling

After such a long long time, i finally took up chocolate modeling...since there hasn't been any orders for the past few month. it's during these "dry" months that I would use the time to acquire new knowledge. So, chocolate modeling class came at the right time. Closed my eyes and paid for the class.

It was fairly simple but as all does take work. Which some people couldn't phantom why fondant cakes costs a bomb! We learned how to make the chocolate fondant and how to shape roses out of it. And since roses, beside ribbon roses, aren't my forte, I have long decided to make calla lillies instead. I already had a design in mind for the class and went straight into it after 2 practice tries making the roses. Sorry, no pics. It was so mediocre! And it would jeapordize my reputation as a decorator. So anyway, lillies besides being my fav flower to model, it was simple...much simpler than any methods of modeling roses.

Here's a close up of what i made, which was eaten up by my kids and nephews.

If you look closely, can u spot a flaw?

A cake for my Dido

I don't fancy doing kiddy cakes coz they do take a lot of work to make them real pretty and all kiddy. And it's been a long, long while since i even attempt to make a kiddy cake. As 2009 progressed i found myself indulging into creating elegant cakes...but not much opportunity. but then again...

But since it would be almost blasphemous of me not to make birthday cakes for my OWN kids, i conjurged up all strength in me to make one impressive cake for my son. I was pretty ambitious despite my flesh is as weak as my spirit. But even after procastinating, i got a tad lazy after making the wings at the end of the plane. Make them out of tiger biscuits wrapped in white fondant. it would take me to buy a whole packet of Jacobs crackers but only two was required to make the front after considering the economics of it (every penny saved is ......). I convinced myself that kiddy cakes were MEANT to have flaws. It didn't need to look like a real plane. So long that it somewhat gives that impression at a glimpse. If anybody who took one look at it and couldn't figure out it was a that would mean that something is wrong with THAT person and not this (lazy) decorator. ;)

Anyway, i did thought of how to create the clouds. Used half a muffin and covered it with white buttercream. And what a way to place those "Happy Birthday" candles, eh? Smart? Right! ......always looking for an easy way out.

But at any rate, this is what transpired. And by the looks and the "WOW" response from my kids, I could only be happy that i finally made it without having to shamefully go to a bakery and ordered on instead!

Happy birthday Dido!

And this is what I did for my daughter.

Vegetarian Cake's been quite a while since i updated this. And now look...2010!

So just to keep things abreast of the past few months really low activity there was this first unusual request of a VEGETARIAN wedding cake from one of the assistants of a nearby clinic i frequent. But a little help was thrown in...the color's got to be blue and the girl wanted only heart shapes all over the cake. So this was a little easy but i did struggle a little as to HOW to present the hearts all over. Plus, the names of the couple had to be inscribed on it so...hmmmm for a few weeks on a tight usual. so, another helper was the budget so I couldn't do elegance. but then again....

I struggled coz what i thought would be beautiful ...what i had in mind would incur more cost. So finally thought os just playing with the color! Blue on white. And 3 shades of blue. Within budget, right? Right on. So this is what came out of blue, 2 tiers, heart shape and a fixed budget.