Friday, January 7, 2011

All chocolate orders.

A friend of a friend ordered this for her 4 year old along with 10 chocolate covered Oreos, each with the kindy's teachers name etched.

These were for the teachers at Tadika Aftal in Ukay Perdana, Selangor.

After giving her a quotation, she placed 20 more orders of chocolate Oreos with 20 names of her family members.

The printing of each name was quite tedious and by the time I finished, my eyes were all blury.

Designer Handbag

After a year of saving and planning, I finally took up this art of making a handbag cake. Felt a little left behind and much earlier I decided NOT to learn how to make handbag cakes but I just HAD to learn from this Master Sifu whose works simply stood out.

But my timing was really bad. Quiet a bomb I had to invest. After many friendly correspondences via Facebook only I finally got to meet her in the flesh.

I just closed my eyes and paid my fees and hope this will be worth my monies. But I got more than I bargained for. Really didn't expect to learn making hand painted scarf AND the shoe! Another one that i promised NOT to do and look what happened.

But it wasn't just those 3 things that I gained. Learning from the master in her own environment, I got to know not just the teacher. But the mother, the woman, the survivor.

We chit chat like a couple of grandmas from start to finish. So I'm pretty surprised that we did managed to get it all done.

In the end, I see this master is just like one among us. Trying to carve a name in this industry and despite her own adversity, she managed to create such realism in her art. Did not let her adversity stand in her way to achieve her goal. Determination and passion combine that I can emulate. I salute u Sifu.

My gratitude to u and your girls (yep, her daughters helped me with this! and they are better than me!).

A close up of the shoe...I have yet to finish the buckle. God knows when!

Chocolate Oreos III

I made these for IUGC Retreat in December 2010. A reunion of IUGC girls who haven't met some 15 years.

These are some other designs for the retreat as well.

My friend from Sarawak ordered some chocolate oreos , so I did this just for her.

Varies designs using white, dark , milk and strawberry chocolate.

Chocolate Oreos II

These are more of the chocolate Oreos I did.

I tried piping white chocolate to make this swirl heart.

Covered with white and gold dragees

I used some royal icing flowers for this design.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lia Cakes Chocolate Oreo Treats!

The lastest offerings and craze by me...Chocolate Covered, not Dipped, Oreos!

I'm into chocolates these days and I sourced out these molds and went straight to work with them.

These makes such great and different gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, wedding hantaran or door gifts...just about any occasions.

These comes in 5 pieces or 8 peices packaging and also some individual ones.

So below are more of the chocolates oreos I've done.

The marble effect

Individual packaging perfect for wedding gifts.

An order by a friend who wanted to give a thank you gift to her son's kindy teachers.

This was made for another friend for her university's small reunion.

Chelsea! Chelsea!

A friend of mine asked me if I could do a soccer themed cupcakes for her son's birthday . So I tried my hand at modelling. I don't do much of it. I first made the shoe while watching TV. Since the details were so tiny, my eyes blurred after finishing it. Then I did the whistle.

There's no molds or hard and fast rule. basically mold as you go and figuring out the how-to that was quite challenging. The whislte was inspired by the net and like a painter as my hand mold fondant, my eyes piercing the image on my laptop.

I did the cap by making a ball and cut it in half and tip of the cap was tricky. so little and thin enough to stand with a bit of wave curled.

The muffler was really really bonkers for me to think of as there was only one cuppy left without a design and I didn;t want to do another shoe. Strangely took me awhile to figure how to make it as I didn't want to make any blue icing to write Chelsea. Originally I wanted the entire thing to be blue but on a blue background, I ahd to change it to white. Since I ad most of the writings in white , this is what i ended up doing the muffler. Not so bad...i think.

One of my fellow baker friend cried " Welcome to fondant modelling" when she saw this. I have my reservations when it comes to fondant / gumpaste modelling but I finally did it!

So thanks to my friend Zai and happy birthday Hakiem!

My first Pavlova

I've been curious about pavlovas for a long time. It was only recently that pavlovas surfaced so frequently in TV and net and FB when I chanced upon PASSIONFRUIT PULP !

So I jumped at the chance to finally make this dessert. SO I made this timely for a pot luck and as simple as the recipe was I didn't realised how it blown out from and 8 inch layer of meringue to 10 inch size!! I didn't have anything to put it in to bring to the pot luck at my freind's. But I found a 12inch board i bought so long ago an I only had an 11 inch box. Oh survived the journey and everyone love it! I managed only a slice and then I understood what's all the bru-ha-ha was all about. It was delish!!!!

I wanted to make this again but till today...hmmmm....

My babies have grown!!

Ok, my two youngest have pestered me for MONTHS over their borthday cakes. EVERYDAY at least 3 times each day, they would repeat what they wanted for their cakes.

But this year, since my other son would be kindy for the last time and his birthday isn't until December, I decided to make his cake in November before the school year finish and he could celebrate with his friends in school. Along with his sister whose birthday is in November, we had two celebrations. Happy birthday darlings. Now stop bothering me with the cakes already, ok!

Last year, my son decided on a music theme for his birthday cake. The piano notes on the sides of th cake was inspired by other designs I saw on the net. The music "arrangement" was also a design I saw on the net and I wanted to do a pattern transfer. But as I did the cake I just make them free hand and again I applied double piping on the lines and wordings to avoid bleeding of the black icing. Happy birthday son. May I have many more years to make you birthday cake.

Happenings of October 2010

These are the few orders I received in October. Another collegemate called me up to order a chocolate cake but I tried a different style of decor without using buttercream. This was just a chocolate moist cake with the decor all in fondant and Patchwork cutters, hydrangeas and butterfly. To overcome my lazyness, I just printed the wordings with the word press instead. Easy peasy.

Thanks to Ira for this order.

I am cursed with last minute orders...less than 24 hours before delivery , this "friendship" cake for one of my regulars and as simple as she wanted it, yellow roses represents I recall. I did double piping of the words these days to avoid bleeding. I pipe all the wordings in white then applied another layer in yellow. Thought this way it the first white later of piping could absorb any bleeding of colors.

I did these in a short time preparing for a fondant decor class upon request by names shall be mentioned. But it never took off. The two dates that was scheduled ans rescheduled didn't seem to be in anybody's favor. So this class never took off.

So I might scheduled for this basic fondant cupcake decor sometime this year. Hopefully there will be some who could attend.

My Lady Fantacey

Sometime in September 2010, I took up this royal icing class and learned to make this Lady Fantacey (as in lace). Class was conducted by a young man Kelvin Chua.

A quiet unconventional trainer but his works are amazing. Award wining Kelvin, shall now be referred to KC, came back to our shores to create his own niche. If you look at his works, I don't think he would have much of problem....not like me.

So anyway, back to this challenging work with royal icing. I learned to made the lace crown, the fans....which was what attracted me to join KC's class; and the butterfly. Damn! The piping of these babies....just a few minutes into it contracted all my fragiled finger and hand muscles to the max! I brought some ointment along and at the end of class I massaged my hands so it wouldn't be too soar for me to hold the steering wheels! I need to get home! LOL!

I can't remember right now what this is called but this stringwork I swore I would never DO! But fate has it I was destined to it.
A little crooked and uneven but at least now I know how it works and..."thou shall not repeat"!

Near the end of class, I took this picture before left wing broke. So I made another wing at some ...after THREE attempts, I assembled it togethre along with the fan ...with the least amount of breakage. As seen in the first picture above.

Of course, a picture of me and my Fantacey.

Another LOVE cake...with some swirls.

Yet another love theme cake. Can't remember the date but sometime in September 2010, one of my collegemates asked me to do this, another budget cake, for her brother's wedding.

That blue love cake i first did...turns out to be my bane in a sense I haven't been able to do other designs. Request upon designs. But this time, my friend wanted to have some swirls incorporated.

I searched and surf, searched and surf. The only thing that I get to try something different was to have this cake on a two level board! Just to add some height and also pull some attention away from the make up for somewhere that was lacking.

But this display with the flowers and silver cake board was provided by the wedding planner. Thank GOD!!! So it made the whole ensemble more presentable despite my-not-satisfied-with-myself too simple design. I added the store bought purple flowers in the last minute. I didn't plan to have anything on top but when I finished, I thought something was lacking. So just less than 24 hours prior to the delivery, i bought and trot on the top.

Another first for me this time is also the bottom tier cake is the RED VELVET cake with the heart shape cream filling INSIDE the cake! Yep...hearts in and out!! After this experience, I don't think I would recommend this cake in this fashion. If it's just in the ordinary layered would be ok but not the heart shaped filling inside. The sides were more rounded on top and it's 5 inch in height. throws off the 3 inch height of the top tier. But I hope the families of the bride and groom gets a kick seeing a heart shape inside the cake.

Thanks to my friend, Rina Ro for her confidence and this opportunity. At least It gave me a chance to try something new.

Hope to keep on trying to do better with each order. ;)



Yes, a thousand apologies for abandoning my own blog. Didn't even know that I actually had a "growing" list of followers!! Now it's about ...5, i think. From no-one to 5 in the past year. I guess that's progress!

I have been pretty busy with Ramdhan, since my last entry . No much orders taken but more of adhering to Ramadhan rituals more than I ever had in my life! I wanted to up the ante on my submission last year.

Then I was kept busy with classes. For the past 4 months I had classes consistently every sunday uptill NOW!! I wasn't much motivated to update my blog either. Nothing much on the baking scene. I couldn't update my Lia Cakes website either for the past YEAR!!! Due to my computer died on me. I tried to revamp with Wordpress and other free web-builders but I just couldn't do it. I tried...I did but it's all a blur.

So I have decided to invest in a new Apple so I could do many more things. Hopefully ...bigger and better things to come this year.

So let me get you up to speed on the last 4 months ...or so.