Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chelsea! Chelsea!

A friend of mine asked me if I could do a soccer themed cupcakes for her son's birthday . So I tried my hand at modelling. I don't do much of it. I first made the shoe while watching TV. Since the details were so tiny, my eyes blurred after finishing it. Then I did the whistle.

There's no molds or hard and fast rule. basically mold as you go and figuring out the how-to that was quite challenging. The whislte was inspired by the net and like a painter as my hand mold fondant, my eyes piercing the image on my laptop.

I did the cap by making a ball and cut it in half and tip of the cap was tricky. so little and thin enough to stand with a bit of wave curled.

The muffler was really really bonkers for me to think of as there was only one cuppy left without a design and I didn;t want to do another shoe. Strangely took me awhile to figure how to make it as I didn't want to make any blue icing to write Chelsea. Originally I wanted the entire thing to be blue but on a blue background, I ahd to change it to white. Since I ad most of the writings in white , this is what i ended up doing the muffler. Not so bad...i think.

One of my fellow baker friend cried " Welcome to fondant modelling" when she saw this. I have my reservations when it comes to fondant / gumpaste modelling but I finally did it!

So thanks to my friend Zai and happy birthday Hakiem!

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