Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Blue Love Cake

The Second Blue Love Cake

The first blue love cake garnered a lot of positive feedback so much so my old time schoolmate said she wanted the same one for her anniversary. Months and months later she asked for a "blue love cake", as she termed , for her brother's wedding cake.

Although I don't like to replicate my designs, so i sketched many many designs but somehow on the day i made this, the ones i had pictured in mind didn't came out as good and i found myself lost for ideas and pressing for time. So I resorted to the simplest form , even then it grew by itself and this was the end result.

I checked and checked and looked at it many time trying to convince myself that's it's ok considering the budget. But I was very angry with myself with this one. It insults my creative ability. I should have come up with something better. This looked too amateur even for the likes of me. I was angry...very angry with myself.

Well, this is my friend, Rahayu from high school days. But at the very least the colors all blend in with the whole set up so the focus is well distributed. Any flaws in disappointment would pale a little considering the whole table ensemble.

Thanks Ayu but I hope I can do a much much better work for you some day. God bless you.