Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The IU Bloomington Reunion

Had a reunion recently with my college buddies at the Concorde Hotel. One of my seniors had graciously sponsored the hi-tea do. Another senior "suggested" I make something to "promote" my business. But it sounded more like wanting a free sample. But after the thought of having our logo on a cupcake flashed immediately to mind, i got excited and rushed my fingers through the keyboard looking for Indiana University or Hoosier. Of course plenty of images came out but one came out in a circular design. Great! I need not do anything else to the picture except to crop it smaller to fit a cupcake. After ordering the edible prints, which to my surprise took only a day (!), my hands were excited to put the design in my mind onto the cuppies and hopefully it turns out just right. It turned out exactly as I imagined it but as i looked at this picture again and again, the red stars looked like pom poms. It even made me feel like i was at a stadium cheering Hoosiers with them pom poms. Go Hoosiers!