Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Wonky...not Willy Wonka...

Finally, yesterday I went to learn how to do the wonky cake.
Also known as whimsical or topsy turvy cake. Quite a lot of carving to do and for a first timer in sculpting, all the access cake crumbs was not a sight for the faint hearted. But of course, all that can be salvaged into chocolate balls.

Quite a bit of math went into carving the wonkies and after some practise, it got easier but I still needed a lot more work on the carving.

Man, these wonkies are plenty of work. I was introduced to some stencil work and this was the design i liked the most...since i don't quite fancy flowers.

Had a different design in mind but the bottom tier didn't turn out so bad. At least i now know how to do the net.I used the Patchwork Cutter's Poppy Flower cutter (one of my favourite among Pathwork cutters).

Even had a different idea for the top tier but ended up using just a bit of simple strings with silver balls (my favourite decor item) and it turned out quite elegant. All in all, my best work of art yet. I came home yesterday, satisfied and overwhelmed by all the knowledge acquired.

Called up a friend and one of my best customers and donated (another "mean" means of self promotion) this cake to her. Told her to bring it to her office to share it with her staff but of course asked a favor from her to have it displayed first at the foyer...just for awhile. But anyway, Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends ho have supported me and to my best supporter of husband! May God bless us all with prosperity.

Oh, by the way, I thought of naming this art..."My Sensation". What do you think? ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya 2009

When i was assigned to do raya themed cupcakes for a project class, i was scratching my head..."raya cupcakes?". So internet sourced research made me feel like a fool. Little did i knew there was ever such a thing as raya themed cupcakes for gift package.

I did an order of cupcakes for raya last year which i totally screwed up because of a misunderstanding. After apologizing, i hardly heard from that client again...surprise, surprise. hahaha...double idiot, only realized what the client wanted when the "complaint" was issued. I did offer to return the money but was politely declined. I still remember the disappointed tone over the phone ringing in my ear till now. Sigh!
So after a couple of play with fondant like plastercine, I came up with this. To my surprise, i received some favourable feedback.

Then about 1 week after class, i recieved a call from a friend who wanted to order cupcakes for raya for her to give to some of her friends and client...and she ordered by the pieces. Quickly , I suggested this package, which she agreed since having trust in me since her last order completely satisfied her. But i didn't want to replicate so i came up with this twist instead....

This was the pacakging I came up with. Small, manageable and direct.

Pretty unconventional colors for a raya themed cupcakes. But for those who knows me, wouldn't be surprised...I'm pretty unconventional myself. ;)

I hope my friend likes it. Selamat Hari Raya everyone!