Saturday, June 26, 2010

Qaf and Nat's Wedding Gift

My brother-in law got hitched early June and as a norm my gift is usually a cake for the hantaran. I dare not risk again another tiered cake coz my first attempt literally melted! I transported the cake all well and good from KL to Taiping. It survived till the nite before the ceremony and I decorated it then. Luckly i managed to take pictures of it BEFORE it tragically melted. I was soo eager to have it displayed on the main table but i suppose that's where my real mistake was.

Besides being in the dampest place in Malaysia, the conditions were not favourable for fondant. But my sister in-law, had to make one this time around and the cake didn't fall the same fate. And I couldn't come up with the reasons, too much or not enough icing sugar, kneading..?? What? What? Only now I came to realize maybe my eagerness have taken the best of me , to display my pride. So I could be complimented upon, so that i could be seen as great. Maybe that was the factor...the higher being reminds me who is great and all my eagerness for wanting to be seen as good have blinded me.

How all this fit in a cake? I don't know. All I can say is, sorry Qaf. I didn't make you a wedding cake as I did your brother. Despite then I was a newbie, this experience have taught me a good deal. Without sincerity in our work, there will be unfavourable consequences.

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Qaf and Nat.

Sesma 1988

My friend ordered this for her husband's high school reunion in Cherating last month. Well, nothing to shout about coz using edible logos, this is what i normally would present them, on a biscuit so the logo could stand upright a little. Sesma is short for S M S Tengku Mahmud, Kuala Terengganu. Thanks for your order Ina.

The Kindy Cake

A neighbour ordered one cake for two of her kindy going kids and yes, why not...a kindy theme with blocks and numbers and alphabets, like what u would find in a kindy.

Updates of the past 3 months

Ok. I know i have neglected my own blog, though i have never intended to be an active blogger. Just another venue to view my some what creative cakes and i have not the time to conjour up any witty story that comes with each cakes because sometimes, there isn't one.

So this time, not just because of the long hiatus but i couldn't update coz my iBook went KAPUT! and i didn't have access to any computer for a while. So i relied a lot on my newly acquired mobile to do the fast instant upload. With that, it has its limits. It not as smooth to type oodles and oodles of words that i'm not sure who actually does read anyway.

So now i am on windows and have grown somewhat awkward to use it. I'm so spoilt by Apple. It's sooooooo much easier. Now It seems I have to redo my entire website! Coz the app that i used wasn't backed up in my backup!!! My dear husband did try do retrieve the source codes so I don't have THAT much work to restart everything. But I have yet to ask of his progress.

So in the mean time, these are what I have done since my last entry.