Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

This baker had to bake her own birthday cake!
Not sure if it's a gift or a curse or both. I don't get a birthday cake, I am always expected to make one for myself this past few years. reason being, why give a baker a cake when she can make better cakes.

Not sure if i should feel insulted or proud that some people think I can bake better ones than the commercial ones (not including hotel type cakes or even Secret Recipe). So you can forget me for even asking for someone to GIVE me on because the answer would be "Why?".

Not that I don't appreciate that there are people who actually DO like the cakes I make but they don't get it. Do you? You don't? Does the word "appreciate" strike any meaning. I doubt. I would for sure be accused of fussy, will be disappointed with store bought cakes etc.

Despite, it still hurts knowing that I probably would never receive one since several years ago and years from now.

So this picture is the picture of this year's birthday cake to myself by myself. I bought a checker board cake pan from Wilton. I have been wanting to try it so this would be a good occasion. As well, promote it to my customers....hopefully.

I wanted to post a picture of the piece I cut but somehow clicking "Add Image" doesn't seem to be working. I dunno. So if you can imagine, it's just a simple buttercake with three colors, orange, green and yellow iced with White Chocolate Buttercream. This is the first time I tried doing a white chocolate flavored buttercream. A tad too sweet though. I also bought this cool gold and pearl-like colored dragees and decided to pour them all over the top instead of the sides. Looks a little extinguished, huh. ;)

Oh well...here goes...
"Happy birthday to me...."
"Happy birthday to me...."
.................. but I still had to be grateful to be able to have shared this with my family.

Untill next year.....