Thursday, January 6, 2011

My babies have grown!!

Ok, my two youngest have pestered me for MONTHS over their borthday cakes. EVERYDAY at least 3 times each day, they would repeat what they wanted for their cakes.

But this year, since my other son would be kindy for the last time and his birthday isn't until December, I decided to make his cake in November before the school year finish and he could celebrate with his friends in school. Along with his sister whose birthday is in November, we had two celebrations. Happy birthday darlings. Now stop bothering me with the cakes already, ok!

Last year, my son decided on a music theme for his birthday cake. The piano notes on the sides of th cake was inspired by other designs I saw on the net. The music "arrangement" was also a design I saw on the net and I wanted to do a pattern transfer. But as I did the cake I just make them free hand and again I applied double piping on the lines and wordings to avoid bleeding of the black icing. Happy birthday son. May I have many more years to make you birthday cake.

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