Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happenings of October 2010

These are the few orders I received in October. Another collegemate called me up to order a chocolate cake but I tried a different style of decor without using buttercream. This was just a chocolate moist cake with the decor all in fondant and Patchwork cutters, hydrangeas and butterfly. To overcome my lazyness, I just printed the wordings with the word press instead. Easy peasy.

Thanks to Ira for this order.

I am cursed with last minute orders...less than 24 hours before delivery , this "friendship" cake for one of my regulars and as simple as she wanted it, yellow roses represents I recall. I did double piping of the words these days to avoid bleeding. I pipe all the wordings in white then applied another layer in yellow. Thought this way it the first white later of piping could absorb any bleeding of colors.

I did these in a short time preparing for a fondant decor class upon request by names shall be mentioned. But it never took off. The two dates that was scheduled ans rescheduled didn't seem to be in anybody's favor. So this class never took off.

So I might scheduled for this basic fondant cupcake decor sometime this year. Hopefully there will be some who could attend.

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