Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another LOVE cake...with some swirls.

Yet another love theme cake. Can't remember the date but sometime in September 2010, one of my collegemates asked me to do this, another budget cake, for her brother's wedding.

That blue love cake i first did...turns out to be my bane in a sense I haven't been able to do other designs. Request upon designs. But this time, my friend wanted to have some swirls incorporated.

I searched and surf, searched and surf. The only thing that I get to try something different was to have this cake on a two level board! Just to add some height and also pull some attention away from the make up for somewhere that was lacking.

But this display with the flowers and silver cake board was provided by the wedding planner. Thank GOD!!! So it made the whole ensemble more presentable despite my-not-satisfied-with-myself too simple design. I added the store bought purple flowers in the last minute. I didn't plan to have anything on top but when I finished, I thought something was lacking. So just less than 24 hours prior to the delivery, i bought and trot on the top.

Another first for me this time is also the bottom tier cake is the RED VELVET cake with the heart shape cream filling INSIDE the cake! Yep...hearts in and out!! After this experience, I don't think I would recommend this cake in this fashion. If it's just in the ordinary layered would be ok but not the heart shaped filling inside. The sides were more rounded on top and it's 5 inch in height. throws off the 3 inch height of the top tier. But I hope the families of the bride and groom gets a kick seeing a heart shape inside the cake.

Thanks to my friend, Rina Ro for her confidence and this opportunity. At least It gave me a chance to try something new.

Hope to keep on trying to do better with each order. ;)

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