Thursday, January 6, 2011



Yes, a thousand apologies for abandoning my own blog. Didn't even know that I actually had a "growing" list of followers!! Now it's about ...5, i think. From no-one to 5 in the past year. I guess that's progress!

I have been pretty busy with Ramdhan, since my last entry . No much orders taken but more of adhering to Ramadhan rituals more than I ever had in my life! I wanted to up the ante on my submission last year.

Then I was kept busy with classes. For the past 4 months I had classes consistently every sunday uptill NOW!! I wasn't much motivated to update my blog either. Nothing much on the baking scene. I couldn't update my Lia Cakes website either for the past YEAR!!! Due to my computer died on me. I tried to revamp with Wordpress and other free web-builders but I just couldn't do it. I tried...I did but it's all a blur.

So I have decided to invest in a new Apple so I could do many more things. Hopefully ...bigger and better things to come this year.

So let me get you up to speed on the last 4 months ...or so.

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