Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Lady Fantacey

Sometime in September 2010, I took up this royal icing class and learned to make this Lady Fantacey (as in lace). Class was conducted by a young man Kelvin Chua.

A quiet unconventional trainer but his works are amazing. Award wining Kelvin, shall now be referred to KC, came back to our shores to create his own niche. If you look at his works, I don't think he would have much of problem....not like me.

So anyway, back to this challenging work with royal icing. I learned to made the lace crown, the fans....which was what attracted me to join KC's class; and the butterfly. Damn! The piping of these babies....just a few minutes into it contracted all my fragiled finger and hand muscles to the max! I brought some ointment along and at the end of class I massaged my hands so it wouldn't be too soar for me to hold the steering wheels! I need to get home! LOL!

I can't remember right now what this is called but this stringwork I swore I would never DO! But fate has it I was destined to it.
A little crooked and uneven but at least now I know how it works and..."thou shall not repeat"!

Near the end of class, I took this picture before left wing broke. So I made another wing at some ...after THREE attempts, I assembled it togethre along with the fan ...with the least amount of breakage. As seen in the first picture above.

Of course, a picture of me and my Fantacey.

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